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Coppola Services, Inc.
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Established in 1958, Coppola Services’ history spans three generations. Staying in business for over fifty years requires hard work and passion. Coppola Services finds itself working in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut areas. Our work is concentrated in the Water, Wastewater and Heavy Construction industries.


Infrastructure & Municipal

Coppola Services provides municipal and commercial clients with heavy construction and liquid waste hauling services. These services include:

  • Pump station and treatment plant construction
  • Sheeting and shoring installation
  • Emergency pump truck service
  • Bypass pumping equipment setup and rental

Commercial and Municipal Services

Commercial Septic repair

Pump Stations

Often, in commercial and municipal construction, pumping stations must be installed to move fluids (usually water) from one location to another. Pumping stations are often used to remove sewage, serving as a key component of a sanitary sewer system. They can also serve to drain low lying land. Read More>>

Water Treatment Services

The delivery of clean and safe drinking water is a priority for all municipalities. Unfortunately, the challenge becomes greater all the time, as more and more substances make their way into our groundwater. At Coppola Services, we are committed to working with municipalities throughout New York, New Jersey and Connecticut to ensure that citizens have clean, safe drinking water. Read More>>

Waste Water Treatment Plants

Wastewater treatment facilities are essential components in a variety of operations. Municipalities often provide wastewater treatment plants, but there can also be industrial, commercial, residential or retail applications. Regardless of your need, Coppola Services can provide turnkey services. Read More>>

Deep Foundation and Excavation

If your business has a deep foundation for one of its physical structures, or if you anticipate construction that will require a deep foundation, there are or will likely be significant ground water issues that you will need to address. Often, these can arise unexpected, and need to be resolved as soon as possible. Read More>>

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