Six Flags Water Treatment Plant

Jackson Township MUA hired Coppola Services as the prime contractor for the construction of a new 3 MGD water treatment plant to replace an existing treatment plant that has reached the end of its useful life.

  • Customer: Jackson Township MUA
  • Market: Municipal
  • The project consisted of construction of a new 7,000 sf building, three greensand filters, two 150,000 gallon glass lined backwashed tanks, one 75,0000 gallon glass lined sludge tank, two water booster stations, a sanitary sewer pump station, chemical feed equipment, a new radio network, SCADA conversion and integration, 4 well rehabs, and construction of two new well houses.

    The project also included installation of a new electrical service to the site which was previously undeveloped, as well as installation of a new 500kW emergency backup generator. One critical component of the work consisted of the conversion of the Authority’s existing SCADA program to a new one. The critical component of this was implementing a parallel system while the existing was in operation.

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