Trenchless Spiral Wound Pipe lining

Coppola Services has partnered with Sekisui SPR Spiral Wound Liners, to offer one of the most innovative trenchless pipe rehabilitation solutions. Sekisuiā€™s fully structural PVC Spiral Wound liners offer many advantages over other trenchless rehabilitation methods.

Benefits of Spiral Wound Liners

Trenchless pipe lining is a method for restoring pipelines without digging or excavation. Spiral Wound lining is a sustainable trenchless solution to renew sewers, storm drains, and culverts. Liners can be installed in live flow conditions typically without the need for bypassing. Depending on the rehabilitation systems our liners can be installed with 20%-30% flow in the host pipe depending on slope and velocity.

Liners contain no styrene or chemicals as part of the installation process. Installation is quick and services can be immediately reinstated as there is no need for the liner to cure.

Less Time and Less Disruption

Liners can be installed via existing access chambers without site excavation or pits. A small construction footprint results in less time on site as well as less disruption to traffic, residences, businesses and the environment. Liners can be installed in round, elliptical and rectangular shaped structures.

Sekisui PVC Spiral Wound liners conform to ASTM F 1697 and F 1741 and can be designed as fully structural stand-alone liners capable of withstanding all applied loads.


  • Live flow installations
  • 6"-200"+ Solutions
  • No Chemicals
  • Round & Non-round Pipes
  • Fully Structural Renewals

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