Complex Bypass Setup

Coppola Services has the unique distinction of being a construction company with a core focus in water and wastewater construction. This gives us the experience and perspective to design and implement the most efficient and dependable bypass systems.

Over time most existing wastewater treatment networks face the effects of aging and struggle to keep up with the increasing demand placed upon them. As a result, upgrades, repairs, and even emergencies arise, and issues must be quickly addressed to maintain or protect public health.

At Coppola Services we can mobilize to setup bypass systems for an emergency repair that may need to last only a few days until the issue is mitigated. Or we can help plan for a long-term bypass during a major construction event that will last several months or years. We have designed and implemented critical bypass systems capable of over 20 MGD. Our bypass systems utilize web base telemetry software to monitor critical bypass functions.

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