Catskill Aqueduct Connection Project - Booster Stations and Water Treatment Plant

New construction of a water treatment plant and two water booster stations.

  • Customer: Village of Kiryas Joel
  • Market: Municipal
  • Coppola Services performed the construction of a new potable water supply system for the Village of Kriyas Joel. The project consisted of installing new submersible well pumps in existing well casings, construction of two (2) new 35,000 gallon above grade storage tanks, construction of (2) new prefabricated potable water booster stations with capacity of 1,550 gpm at 577’ TDH. Installation of three (3) standby diesel generators to 1mW., a new prefabricated chemical feed building was also constructed to chlorinate the water prior to entering the distribution system. Each of the new buildings were constructed on individual sites in adjacent towns and a SCADA system was installed to allow for completely automatic operation and remote capabilities to monitor statuses and make changes. Coppola Services also chlorinated the 24” transmission main prior the placing the system online in accordance with AWWA standards.

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